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You are two days of training away from being
The unbeatable 

June 20-21, 2019 • VIENNA • SIGN UP



With the riveting success of this program, we are happy to annouce the next edition of the Business Ninja Workshop. Showtime! Todays Business needs real Business Ninjas. Wherever you look: things are going crazy! Time to kick-ass! Are you ready for two days of hard training and excise? Are you ready to become the Go-To for your friends and business partners - because YOU are the BUSINESS NINJA? Yes? Then you are ready for this:

Two Days, 20 Exercises. Get your myschooloftalk BUSINESS NINJA Certificate. Sign up. 


Thursday June 20. 09:30am-06pm

Friday June 21. 09am-05pm

Session 1

Intro To Exponential Organizations

WS 01: Reimagine Your Business

WS 02: Time to define your  "North Star Metrics"

Session 2

How To Attract The Best Players

WS 03: Employee Engagement 1

WS 04: Employee Engagement 2

WS 05: Acknowledgement 1

WS 06: Acknowledgement 2


Session 3

Not What You Do Is Wrong.
But Maybe 
How You Are Doing It.

WS 07: Problem Solving 1

WS 08: Problem Solving 2

WS 09: Introduce a Complex Project 1

WS 10: Introduce a Complex Project 2

Session 4

Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast

WS 11: Open/Close Meetings 1

WS 12: Open/Close Meetings 2

WS 13: Decision Making 1

WS 14: Decision Making 2

WS 15: Reflection & Motivation 1

WS 16: Reflection & Motivation 2

Session 5

Disrupt Your Industry

WS 17: Act Like a Datacompany

WS 18: Creativity is a Result of a Process 

WS 19: Unintended Consequences

Session 6

Become the Best Version of Yourself

WS 20: The Skills of Social Intelligence

Dont buy the cat in the Bag.

This is your NINJA TRAINER:

Niki Ernst is "Business Therapist", his passion lies in positively impacting peoples life by gearing them up for a desirable future they will be able to actually shape/create. He has been Global TEDxAmbassador for many years, founded the SIlicon Valley Inspiration Tours in 2012, founded the School of Talk in the same year, works as faculty coach for Singularity University, Stanford Faculty, TED/TEDx and many more.

In the past years, he has given numerous talks & workshops about the Art of Storytelling, Exponential Growth Strategies the skills of Social Intelligence and the Silicon Valley Mindset. In this workshop, he is bringing all these concepts/thoughts/ideas together and converts the format of a talk into the format of hands-on experience by helping the participants to self discover and internalize what it takes to create future success-stories. 

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Are you ready?


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