Are you an exponential Organisation?

Turning into an exponential organisation (if you are not already) is the foundation of the company of the future, the company that is able to avoid, turning into the next tragic Kodak-Case. In this workshop, we combine the core of an exponential organisation with inspiring storytelling to help you shape your industry.

The problem with exponential growth is that we cannot grasp it. We can't imagine how it feels, thinking in doubling patterns and grow big. We have a certain sense of "this must be the ceiling", but actually the moment you have hit the ceiling, you are an endangered business species.

In the past 8 years, I have been working with some of the best speakers in the world, ranging from TED/TEDx to Singularity University, helping them to be a better speaker. From this experience, I have developed a unique program that combines Exponential Thinking with Innovative Storytelling.

From a very theoretical approach to hands-on and right-on converting thoughts into action in only 2 1/2 hours.


Date and Time:

Dec 14th, 4pm – 6:30pm

Galvanize • 44 Tehama St • 94105 San Francisco

Participation: USD 450,–

Registration • Exponential Strategies – Get fit for next generation company.