Speaking at SXSW 2018?

Giving a talk means that you are exposing not only your idea but also yourself to the public. Speaking at SXSW means that you will be standing in front of a lot of people who are curious to hear from you what you are up to. But it also means that there are tons of other speakers you are competing with stage time. What makes your idea so special, what makes your talk so special? I am not questioning any of your skills, I am just saying: lets spend an hour together and maybe we can massage your talk into something memorable for the people in the room. Are you in?

See you on March 6th.

Slot yourself into one of the available speaker-coaching sessions on March 6.

Sign-up SXSW personal Speakercoaching
(only one speaker/stage gig per session)

March 6th, 09am – 05pm. One hour per Coaching-Session.

Location: Galvanize, San Francisco

Rate: USD 150 plus fees/tax