HI, I AM ...


To be honest, I have not been doing and achieving a lot in my life until I was 26 or so.
I was a terrible kid in school, "did not listen" - was maybe the best, teachers told my parents about me.
And "did not show up" - definetely their favorite status: at least I could not distract the whole class.


Some years later, a friend introduced me to TED which later turned out to be a lifechanging moment.
After having already watched a few hundred TED talks, I attended TEDGlobal in 2009 for the first
time (and did not miss any TED conference, since). It was the year when they introduced
the TEDx program. I applied for a license, showed up here and there, contributed now and then
until TED invited me to be one of their TEDxAmbassadors – a handful of people within the global
network of ~2.000 TEDx Organizers to mentor, help, coach and interface to the TED/TEDx headquarter,
where needed.


Over the past years, I have been invited to speak, host, coach speakers at TEDx events from Mumbai
to Baltimore. Not to forget Austria, where I live and come from, and curate a few TEDx events and do
most of the speakers coaching and public speaking skills trainings.


I have a wonderful wife and three incredible children – I cannot imagine of a family being more supportive with a father who spends more time traveling than at home. I am looking forward to meeting you!
Maybe there...?